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Meeting – June 20, 2019

Record of discussion

LDC Secretariat

  • The Right Honourable David Johnston, Commissioner
  • Mr. Michel Cormier, Executive Director
  • Mr. Bradley Eddison, Director, Policy and Management Services
  • Ms. Jess Milton, Director, Communications and Outreach
  • Ms. Jill Clark, Senior Communications Advisor
  • Ms. Jaanu Varaprasatham, Office Manager
  • Mr. Stephen Wallace, Senior Advisor

LDC Advisory Board

  • Dr. Chad Gaffield
  • The Honourable Deborah Grey
  • Mr. Craig Kielburger
  • The Honourable John Manley
  • The Honourable Louise Otis


  1. The agenda was presented by the Commissioner and agreed by the Advisory Board.


  1. Executive Director Michel Cormier updated the board on the Commission’s activities since the last meeting. Including work on the production of the debates, to be carried out by the eventual Debates Producer. Logistics surrounding venue and next steps were discussed.

Debate Participation Criteria

  1. Discussed considerations and goals around interpreting and applying mandated participation criteria for party leaders.

Partisanship at Live Events

  1. Reviewed risk assessment and mitigation strategy around potential for partisan disruption during debates live-streaming events.

Consideration of Report’s Recommendations

  1. Discussed considerations for final report structure and format, including a draft outline.

Next Meeting

  1. A teleconference will be scheduled for July 23, 2019.

Date modified: July 15, 2019