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Meeting – March 25, 2019

Record of discussion

LDC Secretariat

  • The Right Honourable David Johnston, Commissioner
  • Mr. Michel Cormier, Executive Director
  • Mr. Bradley Eddison, Director, Policy and Management Services
  • Ms. Jess Milton, Director, Communications and Outreach
  • Ms. Jill Clark, Senior Communications Advisor
  • Ms. Jaanu Varaprasatham, Office Manager
  • Mr. Stephen Wallace, Senior Advisor

LDC Advisory Board

  • Mr. Jean La Rose
  • Ms. Megan Leslie
  • Dr. Chad Gaffield
  • The Honourable Deborah Grey
  • Mr. Craig Kielburger
  • The Honourable John Manley
  • The Honourable Louise Otis


  1. The agenda was presented by the Commissioner and agreed by the Advisory Board. Board and Secretariat members introduced themselves.

Setting the Stage

  1. Members discussed the Commission’s mandate and reviewed the participation criteria outlined in the Order in Council (OIC),

Framing the Advisory Board

  1. The Terms of Reference for the Advisory Board were agreed

Consultation Summary

  1. While more than 40 consultations have already taken place, it was recognized that ongoing stakeholder consultations were important and certain consultation gaps needed to be addressed.

Request for Proposals Process

  1. A two step process (Request for Interest followed by a more detailed Request for Proposal) was agreed, including the bundling of production, distribution and promotion activities. Timelines were reviewed.

Awareness Raising and Outreach

  1. Beyond the promotional activities of the winning bidder(s), it was recognized that the Commission would need to undertake significant awareness-building activities, acting in concert with interested organizations (a number of suggestions were reviewed in this regard). The scope of these activities will be further defined and discussed at the next Advisory Board teleconference, recognizing that the Commission would have to be selective and adopt a pilot-project approach.

Report to Parliament

  1. Timelines were reviewed, suggestions were made on the overall approach and it was agreed that the Secretariat will present the proposed scope of the report to the Advisory Board as follow up.

Next Meeting

  1. A teleconference will be scheduled for the beginning of May.

Date modified: April 12, 2019