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Invitation to participate in the leaders’ debates

September 16, 2019

The Honourable Maxime Bernier
Leader of the People’s Party of Canada

Dear Mr. Bernier,

On behalf of the Leaders’ Debates Commission, I hereby invite you to participate in the two leaders’ debates we are organizing during the upcoming federal election campaign. Your party satisfies two of the three participation criteria outlined in our Order in Council.  You have satisfied me that you intend to field candidates in 90% of ridings and, based on recent political context, public opinion polls and previous general election results, I consider that more than one candidate of your party has a legitimate chance to be elected.

The text of my decision, attached to this letter, provides its rationale.

We will contact your office today to connect you with the debates producer for the October 7 and October 10, 2019 debates.

Yours faithfully,

David Johnston

Date modified: September 16, 2019